What’s Changing at John Deere for 2014?


John Deere has some interesting changes coming to their equipment in 2014.

First up is the Series 7R tractors. No new changes since 2011, new up for 2014 will be 5 new models ranging from 210 to 290 engine horsepower. Also:

* Final Tier 4 emission requirements.
* More Power
* Will have 323 power shift tranny
* Better Control

Next will be the new wireless technology. This will basically enable the data to transmit between the GreenStar 3 2630 display, the farmers account and their farm system.

“More of our customers are collecting data from machinery operating in the field,” says Kathy Michael, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “They analyze the data to improve overall operations and share the data with trusted advisors to help make better decisions. With the introduction of Wireless Data Transfer and data sharing on, overall data collection, transfer, and management will be much easier.”

8R series tractorThe 8R series tractors will also continue in 2014 and have many changes:

* 6 new wheel models
* 3 new track models
* Final Tier 4 engines with 270 – 390 horses
* 16-speed Power Shift or an IVT transmission

“We’ve increased the engine horsepower ratings of all the new 8R models and boosted the max hydraulic flow capacity by 41% to 85 gallons per minute. This 8R option allows customers to operate at reduced engine speed while handling larger implements such as planters that require high, constant flow rates,” McGinnis says. “And all tractors have the opportunity to be equipped with Intelligent Power Management, which increases power and torque to maximize performance. In fact, with Intelligent Power Management on the 8370R Tractor, customers can boost engine performance to 405 horsepower.”

So look for big things from John Deere, they are making changes across the board on tractors, combines, sprayers and applicators.

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