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John Deere 111 Repairs

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Must Have John Deere Add-Ons and Parts

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Owning a Deere is great. Deere owners tend to love their tractors and some keep them a lifetime. However, not all tractors are alike, to get the most out of your tractor, here are some ‘must have’ add-ons.

Tractor hooks1) Bolt or weld on hooks will revolutionize your loader. Let’s face it; the most used implement on a tractor tends to be the loader. It’s fairly versatile and rarely gets taken off most tractors. The hooks make the bucket a much better tool when you find out how much more you can do with ease on your property. They add an entirely new scope of use to your tractor. Lifting odd objects like large trees trunks, logs or pulling items out of the ground becomes a whole lot easier with the hooks on your rig.

Products there include 5/16″ and 3/8″ Grab Hooks, Weldable Clevis/Shackle Mountings and D-Rings. Check out their website for more information, testing proof, videos and more.

pallet forks2) Pallet forks are not just for use in a warehouse setting. On the farm or on your property, they can be a valuable work tool. Hauling large loads like logs, large stacks of feed, large hay bales and more are less of a problem.

One key when looking for the right pallet fork attachment is versatility and quality. Buy from a reputable dealer. Make sure the pallet forks you purchase fit properly. If they don’t fit right, then you may cause damage to the tractor over time. Check out Artillian, not only are their attachments quality, their customer service is perfect!

3) Sometimes genuine John Deere parts can actually make a difference in your tractors performance. Knowing they fit and come from the manufacture can give you peace of mind. Also, there are some reproduction parts that are not made nor do they fit as they should. Check out to see their selection.

Buying the right gear for your Deere will help you get the most out of it. Just make sure you buy the add-ons and parts from the right dealers.

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Servicing your John Deere 100 Series tractor regularly will help it to last a lifetime. The engine is the life blood of the tractor, failure to maintain it properly will only to lead to more maintenance issues.

Deere 100series1) Choose the right oil. According to John Deere the oil must meet the API Service Classification SG or higher.
2) Check your oil levels. Make sure you check it when the engine is cold and do so before each use. Never over fill the tank, more is not better.
3) Frequently check your oil quality and the oil filter. In dustier conditions, the oil quality will likely deteriorate faster than in other climates or over all conditions for example.
4) Clean the engine fins and intake screens. You can do this with an air compressor set at about 30psi, use damp rags or a vacuum.
5) Check your air cleaner. This is often overlooked and can lead to engine troubles quicker than you might think. Do not wash the paper element. NEVER USE pressurized air to clean this area. It should be wiped off and cleaned. If the air element is too dirty, has a cracked seal or is damaged in any other way replace it. However most of the time it can be cleaned.

Most of these steps may seem trivial. However, they are the most overlooked maintenance items on a tractor. Failure to maintain your tractor may not only lead to more maintenance costs but may also void your warranty. Take care of your tractor and year after year it will take care of you!

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Properly maintaining your John Deere Hydrostatic Tractor will help to ensure that it will last a very long time. Failure to keep up with the maintenance of any machine will only mean more mechanical issues down the road.

The first thing you will want to do is check the engine components, like the air intake system, fuel, lubrication and ignition systems.

1) Do a thorough clean of the air intake and engine.
2) Do a compression check.
3) Check the valve-to-tappet clearance while the engine is cold.
4) Make sure the cylinder heads are free from carbon and cleaned.
5) Check the break points and adjust as needed.
6) Check and adjust the timing.
7) Make sure the spark plug is clean and okay.
8) Adjust carburetor, then adjust it to the governor rod.
9) Check and adjust governor linkage.
10) Check the air cleaner.
11) Check engine oil pressure.
12) Adjust the PTO.
13) Change the oil and the oil filter.
14) Check the battery and battery connections.

john deere hydrostatic tractorThen to make sure the tractor will run optimally, do the following adjustments as needed.

1) Make sure the brakes are adjusted properly.
2) Check and change/refill transmission fluid as needed.
3) Lube grease fittings.
4) Adjust the hydrostatic linkage.
5) Test the hydraulic system.
6) Adjust steering as needed.
7) Make sure the wiring looks clean and is all connected properly.
8) Check all the belts and make sure all fittings are tightened as needed.
9) Make sure the tire pressure is correct.

Take care of your John Deere and it will take care of you and your property for years, maybe a lifetime!

3032 E John DeereThe John Deere 3032 E Compact Tractor is specifically designed for property owners who want a quality hard working tractor without the hassles of owning one. Excellent service rating making the operational costs low thus improving productivity. The Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases the tractor’s performance for those tougher to deal with jobs. Next the Optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch makes it so easy implement hookups saving you time and hassle switching from one job to another.

The extremely powerful diesel engine gives plenty of power when doing heavier loads. The operating area for the driver is easy to use and not over complicated. Comfortable and clean makes it easy on the body when working all day. A great option is the two-spool rear selective control valve which gives superior implement performance when needed.

John Deere 3032 E Compact Tractor Specs.

Engine Manufacturer: : Yanmar 3TNV88
Engine power 97/68/EC rated power (gross), hp (kW): 31.2 (23) @ 2500 rpm, PS
PTO power – Hydrostatic transmission, hp (kW): 25.0 per SAE hp —- 18.6 kW
Rated engine speed: 2500 rpm
Operating range: 950 (2800)
Aspiration: Natural
Cylinders/displacement, cu in. (L): 3 / 97.6 cu in. — 1.6 L
Cylinder liners : Cast-in-block
Bore and stroke, mm (in.): 88×90 mm — 3.4×3.54 in.
Compression ratio: 19:01
Lubrication: Pressurized
Cooling system: Water pump
Air cleaner: Dry-type with safety element
Engine shutoff : Key switch
Engine torque @ rated speed, lb-ft (N/m): 62.7 (85.0) lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity (open-station; cab), U.S. gal. (L): 6.4 gal. —- 24.2 L

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