John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractors by the model numbers / years / serial numbers


John Deere Lawn & GardenHere are the charts showing John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor models by year and serial number.  The charts are broken up by decades, i.e. one chart for the 1960s, one chart for the 1970s, etc.  If you are searching for parts, this can be very helpful.


1960-1969 Equipment

1970-1979 Equipment

1980-1989 Equipment

1990-1999 Equipment

2000-2011 Equipment


  1. Harry Golata says:

    I have an early 1980’s 318 ser# M00318x229320 where the governor has quit working. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. I’ve re built a 1952 MGTD engine when I restored it so I have turned a few wrenches ovber the years. Thanks.

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