Does your John Deere 1026R or 1025R have Floppy Bucket Syndrome or Droopy Bucket Syndrome and WHY?


Many people have complained about Floppy Bucket Syndrome (FBS) or Droopy Bucket Syndrome (DBS) but sometimes the two are getting confused.  One of the issues is working on being corrected at John Deere Corporate and the other is part of the regeneration function.  So do you know what one is part of the design?

Floppy Bucket Syndrome is the byproduct of the regen function. This is normally noticed when trying to grade or back-drag with the cutting edge of the bucket.  The bucket will move, almost like there is air in the hydraulics. This can be cured by operation the joystick left or right until the bucket stops moving, then holding it there for a few more seconds. This is not really a warranty issue as there is nothing really wrong. Some dealers have added a “kit” to correct this issue per a DTAC, but its only a restrictor to slow the fluid down as is escapes the cylinders.

Now Droopy Bucket Syndrome is when you move the joystick left to curl the bucket up and it drops first before moving up.  This is absolutely a warranty and safety problem, and this is why JD is working on a new valve for these machines since the “load checks” are apparently not working in the current design.  The DTAC solution number for the bucket fade when you try to feather the curl: DTAC 92992.  Here is a picture of the technical reference.



You can learn more about this issue and how to correct it in the Sub-Compact Tractor section at www.GreenTractorTalk.com

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