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Cutting grass with a New 1025R

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Cutting grass with a New 1025R

Looking for tips cutting grass with your new 1025R? Checkout this thread at If you have not joined the group, please do, introduce yourself and share your experiences.

Click here for tips on Cutting Grass with a 1025R

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Deere Tractor Help Tips

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Many tractor owners fail to realize that properly inflating their tires can almost double their life. Tractor tires are costly and failure to properly maintain them will lead to costly repairs and replacements. Not to mention that at the current price of nearly $800 a tire, you’re just throwing money down the drain if you don’t. Also poorly inflated tires will produce a rougher ride and poor performance. Here are some helpful tips on how to gauge how your tractor tires are doing and how to better maintain them.

1) When you have too much air casing flexing decreases. This causes a rough ride.

2) When a tractor tire has too little air the casing stresses and the tire will wear out much faster.

3) Follow the dealer specs rather than guessing. Operational manuals are a life saver. Never think you know everything. Make sure you read the manual front to back, getting to know all of the ins and outs of the Deere tractor you own. If you follow dealer specs, you will not fail. They have done the studies and tests; they know what’s best for that model.

4) After you understand the recommended pressure of your tires, checking them before each operation takes only minutes. Some owners check their tires once a month, that’s just not enough.

5) Know what terrain you’re on. Each farm/property will vary; heat and terrain can affect wear and performance. Also, be careful how often you’re driving on asphalt. It can greatly negatively affect your tires.

Other tips:

* Look for cracks and unusual wear/damage on the tires.
* Use a calibrated tire gauge. Not all gauges are the same.
* Ballast the tractor every time you change an implement.
* In radial tires, never use fluid for weight, the sidewall will not flex properly.

The best thing you can do is to be over cautious. Know your tires, know your ride and you won’t go wrong.


Must Have John Deere Add-Ons and Parts

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Owning a Deere is great. Deere owners tend to love their tractors and some keep them a lifetime. However, not all tractors are alike, to get the most out of your tractor, here are some ‘must have’ add-ons.

Tractor hooks1) Bolt or weld on hooks will revolutionize your loader. Let’s face it; the most used implement on a tractor tends to be the loader. It’s fairly versatile and rarely gets taken off most tractors. The hooks make the bucket a much better tool when you find out how much more you can do with ease on your property. They add an entirely new scope of use to your tractor. Lifting odd objects like large trees trunks, logs or pulling items out of the ground becomes a whole lot easier with the hooks on your rig.

Products there include 5/16″ and 3/8″ Grab Hooks, Weldable Clevis/Shackle Mountings and D-Rings. Check out their website for more information, testing proof, videos and more.

pallet forks2) Pallet forks are not just for use in a warehouse setting. On the farm or on your property, they can be a valuable work tool. Hauling large loads like logs, large stacks of feed, large hay bales and more are less of a problem.

One key when looking for the right pallet fork attachment is versatility and quality. Buy from a reputable dealer. Make sure the pallet forks you purchase fit properly. If they don’t fit right, then you may cause damage to the tractor over time. Check out Artillian, not only are their attachments quality, their customer service is perfect!

3) Sometimes genuine John Deere parts can actually make a difference in your tractors performance. Knowing they fit and come from the manufacture can give you peace of mind. Also, there are some reproduction parts that are not made nor do they fit as they should. Check out to see their selection.

Buying the right gear for your Deere will help you get the most out of it. Just make sure you buy the add-ons and parts from the right dealers.

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3032 E John DeereThe John Deere 3032 E Compact Tractor is specifically designed for property owners who want a quality hard working tractor without the hassles of owning one. Excellent service rating making the operational costs low thus improving productivity. The Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases the tractor’s performance for those tougher to deal with jobs. Next the Optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch makes it so easy implement hookups saving you time and hassle switching from one job to another.

The extremely powerful diesel engine gives plenty of power when doing heavier loads. The operating area for the driver is easy to use and not over complicated. Comfortable and clean makes it easy on the body when working all day. A great option is the two-spool rear selective control valve which gives superior implement performance when needed.

John Deere 3032 E Compact Tractor Specs.

Engine Manufacturer: : Yanmar 3TNV88
Engine power 97/68/EC rated power (gross), hp (kW): 31.2 (23) @ 2500 rpm, PS
PTO power – Hydrostatic transmission, hp (kW): 25.0 per SAE hp —- 18.6 kW
Rated engine speed: 2500 rpm
Operating range: 950 (2800)
Aspiration: Natural
Cylinders/displacement, cu in. (L): 3 / 97.6 cu in. — 1.6 L
Cylinder liners : Cast-in-block
Bore and stroke, mm (in.): 88×90 mm — 3.4×3.54 in.
Compression ratio: 19:01
Lubrication: Pressurized
Cooling system: Water pump
Air cleaner: Dry-type with safety element
Engine shutoff : Key switch
Engine torque @ rated speed, lb-ft (N/m): 62.7 (85.0) lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity (open-station; cab), U.S. gal. (L): 6.4 gal. —- 24.2 L

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John Deere has some interesting changes coming to their equipment in 2014.

First up is the Series 7R tractors. No new changes since 2011, new up for 2014 will be 5 new models ranging from 210 to 290 engine horsepower. Also:

* Final Tier 4 emission requirements.
* More Power
* Will have 323 power shift tranny
* Better Control

Next will be the new wireless technology. This will basically enable the data to transmit between the GreenStar 3 2630 display, the farmers account and their farm system.

“More of our customers are collecting data from machinery operating in the field,” says Kathy Michael, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “They analyze the data to improve overall operations and share the data with trusted advisors to help make better decisions. With the introduction of Wireless Data Transfer and data sharing on, overall data collection, transfer, and management will be much easier.”

8R series tractorThe 8R series tractors will also continue in 2014 and have many changes:

* 6 new wheel models
* 3 new track models
* Final Tier 4 engines with 270 – 390 horses
* 16-speed Power Shift or an IVT transmission

“We’ve increased the engine horsepower ratings of all the new 8R models and boosted the max hydraulic flow capacity by 41% to 85 gallons per minute. This 8R option allows customers to operate at reduced engine speed while handling larger implements such as planters that require high, constant flow rates,” McGinnis says. “And all tractors have the opportunity to be equipped with Intelligent Power Management, which increases power and torque to maximize performance. In fact, with Intelligent Power Management on the 8370R Tractor, customers can boost engine performance to 405 horsepower.”

So look for big things from John Deere, they are making changes across the board on tractors, combines, sprayers and applicators.

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