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Servicing your John Deere 100 Series tractor regularly will help it to last a lifetime. The engine is the life blood of the tractor, failure to maintain it properly will only to lead to more maintenance issues.

Deere 100series1) Choose the right oil. According to John Deere the oil must meet the API Service Classification SG or higher.
2) Check your oil levels. Make sure you check it when the engine is cold and do so before each use. Never over fill the tank, more is not better.
3) Frequently check your oil quality and the oil filter. In dustier conditions, the oil quality will likely deteriorate faster than in other climates or over all conditions for example.
4) Clean the engine fins and intake screens. You can do this with an air compressor set at about 30psi, use damp rags or a vacuum.
5) Check your air cleaner. This is often overlooked and can lead to engine troubles quicker than you might think. Do not wash the paper element. NEVER USE pressurized air to clean this area. It should be wiped off and cleaned. If the air element is too dirty, has a cracked seal or is damaged in any other way replace it. However most of the time it can be cleaned.

Most of these steps may seem trivial. However, they are the most overlooked maintenance items on a tractor. Failure to maintain your tractor may not only lead to more maintenance costs but may also void your warranty. Take care of your tractor and year after year it will take care of you!

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