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Inclinometers, or as they’re also called clinometers, will measure the angle of tilt, depression or elevation of a tractor. Tractors do not typically come with them installed as a standard piece of equipment. Many tractor drivers prefer to use their own senses when it comes to determining how they will do on a slope or hill while operating their equipment.

Many variables also come into play that an inclinometer will not factor in to its equation:
* Amount of fuel in the tank.
* Tire air pressure
* Number of implements being used
* Location of implements being used
* Bar uphill or downhill on a mower
* Fluid in tires
* Holes or divots in the ground
* Ground wet or dry
* Wind
* If you are pulling anything
* And many more….

inclinometer tractorHowever adding an inclinometer to your tractor can be a good safety measure. As you drive your tractor more and more, eventually you will get a better feel for how it operates on sloping ground. Adding that inclinometer can help you to gauge at what slope or tilt seems too much, you can eventually rely on your meter more and more to help you stay upright. There are varying opinions on what’s best, be sure you start by learning more about the tractor you drive, its weight, understand the center of gravity per the manufacturers specifications and do extra measures to make sure you stay safe operating it. Every tractor, operator and land conditions will be different. So take the time to learn more about your surroundings and what you’re driving!

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