Mowing with your compact tractor


Mowing doesn’t have to be just another chore. You can have fun cutting the grass. Have you noticed the lawns the professional landscapers mow? The nice striped effect can easily be replicated on your lawn too. Your lawn mower, garden tractor or compact tractor has a high quality mower and you can easily achieve an excellent cut just by making sure it is set up correctly and level. The mower deck needs to be properly adjusted as in level side-to-side and about 1/4″ low compared to the rear of the mower. Be sure to measure the blades and not the deck for the best accuracy.¬† To measure the blade you might have to manually turn them by hand under the mower.

To mow my lawn, first I’ll cut the perimeter of my yard, usually two passes. By doing this, I have plenty of room to turn the tractor around and the clippings will stay in the yard and not on my driveway or in my landscaping. My first pass with a new pattern is right down the middle. I’ll concentrate on an object in the distance and steer the tractor as straight as I can towards that object. Then you need to alternate directions in subsequent passes keeping the straight lines. If you notice a pass isn’t straight,¬† no problem. Your next pass can correct it. Just don’t take a full width pass the next time. This will allow a little wiggle room to straighten your lines. It’s important to change the pattern that you cut the lawn to avoid soil compaction. Some won’t experience this problem and will cut the same pattern over and over, but it depends on the soil type you live on. I like to change my mowing pattern every time I mow to avoid any compaction¬†issues, plus it keeps mowing interesting and fun!

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