Becoming A Sub-Compact Tractor Owner


John Deere Compact OwnerLike so many people now days, I have made the transition from lawn and garden tractors to sub-compact tractors. Let’s set the stage for all the change. First off, this all started back in early 2008, and I have just shy of three acres of property on hilly terrain to maintain. My transition went from three 20 hp Wheel Horse machines to two 2000 series John Deeres, the 2305 and the 2520. The fact that I could no longer add a brush attachment to my 15+ year old Wheel Horses is what started the whole process. And thinking that as long as the machines and attachments were going to be all new, I thought that I may as well get what I really want and need.

The first driving factor after the brush was to move up to a 72 inch deck, really wanted to cut down on mowing time. The 2520 came in as the smallest machine to fit this size deck, and then came the 2305 with the 62C deck the following year. I wanted to stay with in the 2000 series as then they can share the attachments. As far as attachments, I have since added a loader, box blade, 3pt sprayer, 3pt tiller, front mount snow blower, 3pt spreader, and of course the brush. The tractors with these attachments really have no limits as to the amount of work you can accomplish. Both of these machines are foot pedal controlled hydrostatic transmissions with power steering, what a dream to drive.

As I made the transition I had a couple of decisions that plagued me. One was tire selection, and I was not really sure about going to the R4 as the Wheel Horses had the R3 (turf) tire. Well, I decided on the R4s and for all of my tasks this has been a good choice. Particularly when doing any loader or dirt work. I was also concerned that the R4s would be harsh on the lawn as these machines are now my mowers. All has turned out well here too; they are just fine for mowing. The second concern was the transition from a gas powered machine to diesel. Again, this has been a great change, as I have found not only are these machines well sized in power, but the fuel economy is amazing. I now have more power with even less fuel usage.

Other things I had to learn about were, 3pt hitches, locking differentials, 4 wheel drive, power take offs (PTO), quick hitches, and how to actually use the loader. There would be no way I could ever go back to those smaller lawn and garden machines. Oh, and one last thing, this has opened up a whole new world, I highly recommending you joining us on GreenTractorTalk.com.

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